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Passion for Pizza

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A Passion for Pizza

Discover Authentic Italian Flavors at Pappagallo - Your Culinary Destination in Perth Embark on a gastronomic journey to the heart of Leederville, where Pappagallo stands as a beacon of Italian culinary excellence. Specializing in traditional Roman-style pizzas and an array of delectable pasta, our restaurant is a cherished spot for connoisseurs of authentic Italian cuisine.


At Pappagallo, we take pride in serving dishes crafted with the finest ingredients sourced directly from Italy, ensuring a premium dining experience every night. Our founders, Nino La Verghetta and Sarina Tricoli, are devoted to revolutionizing Perth’s Italian food scene. Their unyielding dedication has transformed Pappagallo into a celebrated Italian gastronomic hub not just in Perth, but across Australia. By bringing a slice of Italy to your doorstep, they've made Pappagallo a culinary institution where every meal is a festivity of flavors.


Pappagallo's menu showcases a love for pizza perfection. The chefs craft each pizza with a unique blend of flour certified by the Associazione Pizzerie Italiane, baking up a storm to deliver pizzas with a perfect thin and crispy base. Complement your meal with a selection of toppings like San Marzano tomatoes with DOP certification, creamy di latte buffalo mozzarella, and delicate parma prosciutto, and immerse yourself in a traditional Italian feast without leaving Perth.

Join us at Pappagallo and relish the authenticity and zest of Italy's treasured recipes. Whether it’s our signature pizzas or the rich, homemade pasta dishes, your quest for the quintessential Italian dining experience ends here.

Image by Louis Hansel

Pappagallo Lounge

Reserve Leederville's Premier Lounge Space at Pappagallo Elevate your next gathering by booking Leederville's top-rated Pappagallo Lounge.


Our exclusive venue, adjacent to the distinguished Pappagallo Italian restaurant, is the ideal locale for your bespoke events. The Lounge, with its elegant bar and refined ambiance, comfortably accommodates intimate dinners for 70 or vibrant cocktail events for up to 90 guests. Plan your perfect event with Pappagallo's custom packages, featuring premium Italian cuisine and an extensive selection of beverages.


To learn more about our private event offerings and to start curating your experience, click 'See More' for details on our refined spaces and full-service solutions.



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